Pre-recorded weekly classes

We have a selection of flex pre-recorded classes for you at different levels. They are each especially recorded for this purpose (they are not just a recording of another student in the class). They are all carefully benchmarked to the UK curriculum and your child will learn phonics, grammar, punctuation, reading skills & strategies as well as comprehension skills suitable to their level.

 Our flex pre-recorded courses have 20 classes, each 50 mins long. They also come with preview and homework material. The student will have access to “the classroom” where they can upload homework for marking and join in on discussions about the material etc. They are priced at £9 a class. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Beginner course

Lower intermediate

UK: Reception/ KS1 USA: Kindergarten/1st grade

UK:KS1 USA 1st & 2nd Grade

UK: KS1/KS2 USA: 2nd/3rd grade


Upper intermediate


UK: KS2 USA:: 3rd & 4th grade

UK: KS2 USA: 4th & 5th grade

UK: KS2 & KS3 USA: 5th & 6th grade

Frequently asked questions:

We recommend that you watch the sample videos on this page: to give you an idea of the correct level. However, yes you are able to change levels if it is clearly wrong. *You need to request to change before the 3rd class is released.

The courses are available to you for the duration of the 20 weeks with a continued subscription. (The homework and preview material are downloadable)

If you cancel your subscription you will only have access until the end of your subscription.

You can download both the preview material and homework material (which should make a very good folder of material if you put it altogether). You are not able to download the video part of the class. The copyright of all material remains with Superschooled and must not be reproduced or sold on.

Each course is 20 weeks long. You will be released a new class each week.

There is a Minecraft element in all of these classes. It is a special educational edition of Minecraft, not the one kids play. It is designed especially for schools and learning.

No! These are serious lessons delivered in a fun way to maximise engagement and learning. Each course is benchmarked on the UK national curriculum.

Each course is designed to deliver key stage appropriate grammar, punctuation, reading skills & strategies, comprehension skills and phonics. They have all been carefully benchmarked to the UK National Curriculum

No you don’t. For 1:1 tuition, we provide a special Minecraft education edition license so that the student can join in the game part of the lesson.

We have a mini course at reception/KS1 level that you can take for free. Even if this isn’t your child’s level it will give you an idea of the course format. You can also look at the sample videos associated with each level to help you decide which level to take.

The classes are £9 each. That includes a 50 min- 60 min recording and preview and homework material. Your child will also get access to “the classroom” where they can message the teacher, send homework in for marking and get involved in discussions on the materials learnt.