Phonics - Pre-K Course structure

The Pre-K Course is perfect for children just starting out learning English. It concentrates on all the early sounds of the alphabet, early blending, vowel sounds and cvc words. We use the Jolly Phonics method of learning putting together actions and sounds to accelerate learning.

Each class will learn a new sound and letter, practise writing it and finding words that begin with it as well as a new early vocabulary topic. We regularly review previous classes materials to ensure the learning sticks!

These classes are 50 mins long and are entirely based in the virtual classroom.

Hands On Minds On - Blended Course - Beginner Level Course structure

The beginners, hands on minds on course is the perfect way to start putting to use your good phonics knowledge, learning English. You will develop your vocabulary and practise using everyday sentence structures to navigate your way  through our Blocksville community. These classes are split between the virtual classroom and a shared screen experience in Minecraft Education Edition. The teacher will guide the student through a journey in our town, with tasks, reading, pictures to take and more. This method really solidifies the learning and brings purpose to the learning.

Hands On Minds On - Natural Sciences Course - Intermediate & Advanced Level Course structures

In our Intermediate & Advanced levels, Hands-On Minds On courses,the first half of the lesson is in the virtual classroom. Your child will learn vocabulary, concepts and topics such as animals, weather, habitats, community. The second half of the class is in a Minecraft educational world, where your child applies their learning and completes tasks using Minecraft resources. They can also use their Minecraft camera to record interesting things they find and then write about them. A preparation worksheet is provided for each lesson and homework is a writing exercise.
You do not need to purchase any additional materials to take this course. We provide each student with all the course materials.

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