Are you serious about your child’s education? We are!

We celebrate each and every young person and hope to help them be the unique super person they are!

You will get regular feedback and consistent teaching from the same teacher. You will also get preview and homework material for each class.

Our Minecraft-ed English courses teach the national curriculum through natural sciences  topics, taking our young people through a journey of communities, biomes, natural history, natural sciences, the environment and more. We pay close attention to vocabulary, grammar and comprehension as we embark on our adventures that build so many transferable skills for each and every child. 

If reading and writing is your preference, we also are very proud to offer 2 very unique literature courses. 1) based on the very wonderful ‘Diary of a Minecraft Zombie’ series. 2) The Magic Tree House Literature course based on a series of books stretching over several levels.

Be whomever you are and be proud!