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Are you tired of the noise and distractions of social media? Are you frustrated with having to navigate endless groups to find what you are looking for? Do you crave a community that is caring and ad free? A sanctuary that values you and your child? You are in the right place!

Our Ethos

What do you get?



We believe that community is the key to success. We are very proud of our community which has been designed to meet all of your education needs. It is a safe space to navigate your journey with people that get you. You are all valuable members with your own wealth of knowledge and experiences and we embrace the opportunity to learn from each other.

You can connect with each other, have your kids join in their own space and celebrate their achievements. We encourage you all to get involved as much as possible!

Our membership community is a monthly subscription of £20. That gives both you and your kid access. 

You are more than welcome to just join our community, however if you sign up for a weekly class you will get access to our community as part of the monthly package!

For parents

  • Home-ed support group: Guest speakers * The legal stuff about home-ed * Template letters * Q and A’s
  • Pastoral care group: SEN * Mental Health awareness * LGBTQ support *
  • Home-ed learning resources: PDF work sheets * Video tutorials
  • Exclusive offers: Discounts for members only * Home-ed learning experiences * Discounted Superschooled courses * Bundle packages
  • Exams: IGCSE information * Useful links

For Kids

  • Kids’ area: Get togethers * Live excursions * Chat * LGBTQ meet ups * Performances from Arts courses * Quiz nights
  • Reading Club: Weekly interactive story telling  
  • Penpal Club: Find someone your age to become your writing buddy
  • Hall of fame: share your successes with the whole community!

A spooky get together