Curriculum for teachers

Looking for a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to teach your online students? Our “Minecraft-ed” classes have got you covered! With 5 different levels available, each class is packed with English language learning opportunities and natural science topics, all benchmarked to the UK national curriculum.

Our classes are delivered in an editable and interactive PowerPoint format, making it easy for you to customize to your students’ needs. Each class also includes homework and preview material in PDF format, making it easy to prepare for your lessons.

In each class, your students will enjoy a range of activities, including reading short stories, grammar exercises, phonics practice, writing exercises and more. And with our engaging Minecraft-themed characters and settings, your students are sure to be excited to learn.

Choose to buy classes individually or as a level package, and get ready to enjoy a stress-free, ready-to-go curriculum that will help your students thrive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your online teaching game!