About Us


Superschooled was born out of a love of two things: Teaching and young people.

We are Paula and Tracey. We met on an online teaching platform where we both taught, which subsequently closed as a business.

We both come from different teaching backgrounds with a host of different qualifications and experiences. I’m Paula and I am a Mum of 3 and was a foster mum to many young people whom I home educated. Navigating the system, combining Mum roles with educating roles was hard and challenging and there were times that I felt very isolated with it all. It was important to me when we built our business that we addressed that and offered something extra to all of our students and their families. The concept of our community was born.

We decided to embark on what has been an enormous adventure, teaching ourselves gaming (you are never too old to learn right?!) and creating the most unique curriculum we have ever seen. We decided early on that the quality of our curriculum was really important. We have carefully included all of the Uk benchmarks for each key stage class.

We want our students to have a connection with their teacher which is why our group classes are a maximum of 5 students. We think it’s important for our teachers to really get to know their students and know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can tailor their teaching accordingly. We want you to have feedback on how your child is doing and where they may need support so that you can be involved too.

As with all businesses, the ideas keep flowing of how to make it better and all inclusive. We have come across some wonderful teachers in both of our careers and as with students, teachers are all unique: bringing something new to the table. It made sense to us to offer different courses giving students a wide choice of different learning styles so that there is something for everybody.

So here we are, a long way from where we began and still excited about what is to come. We welcome you to Superschooled and hope you and your child enjoys it as much as we do!

Paula & Tracey