11 Classes £24 (2)

Level Up Your Child's Learning with Gamified English Classes and Resources for Ages 5-16

Flexible and Affordable English Learning for Home schoolers and Private Tutors. Explore our live and recorded classes, downloadable resources, and comprehensive lesson plans – all designed to support your child’s learning journey.

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  • Live interactive classes

    Join your teacher in the online classroom.

  • Downloadable individual pdf lessons

    Each lesson includes reading, grammar, phonics, a new topic and a word search

  • Curriculum for teachers

    Ready made curriculum classes for your online classes with homework and preview material

  • Pre-recorded classes

    Affordable pre-recorded classes with preview and homework material provided.

  • Safe place to learn

    All of our teachers are police checked. We perform regular teacher evaluations.

  • KS1 to KS3

    We have classes from Phonics to KS3 covering English language & Literature as well as natural science.

We have designed a special range of core English courses using gaming. Gaming in education has been shown to increase a child's learning by up to 25%, which is fantastic news for all kids. These classes are particularly good for children who struggle with engagement and focus. We also offer a wide selection of regular classes.

" You can't imagine how amazing these classes are; like opening a door for my son. He wasn't very interested in writing and science before, but Minecraft sparked his interest in learning."

Emilie Irwin
Emilie Irwin
We are an English family living in Switzerland and our kids go to the local French-speaking school. Superschooled has been an enormous help to bump up the level of our son's English. He's been able to improve his grammar, vocab and expression, all in a way that is fun and engaging, and doesn't feel like more 'school' to him. Our son really looks forward to his lesson every week. The teacher is full of energy and positivity, and using minecraft and games to help him learn while playing is such a great technique. The lessons are well planned and paced to keep our son interested, you can see that a lot of preparation goes into them. We would definitely highly recommend the school to anyone who wants to help their kids improve their English !
Nathan Tomlin
Nathan Tomlin
I couldn’t believe I could actually learn English and science using Minecraft ( which I love). I have really enjoyed my weekly classes and find that the practical bit of the class really helps me remember what I’ve learnt.
Malcolm Clark
Malcolm Clark
I have been home educating my daughter for a year now. We have tried several different online classes and Superschooled has been the most successful by far. Their classes are excellent value with quality material. My daughter has grown in confidence which has been a real relief after her experiences in mainstream school.
You can't imagine how amazing these classes are, like opening a door for my son. He wasn't very interested in writing and science before, but Minecraft sparked his interest in learning.
11 Classes £24

Our live classes can be booked through Outschool. Classes are via Zoom. Click on the orange button below to make your booking.

Copy of 11 Classes £24 (7)
Copy of 11 Classes £24 (1)

Our pre-recorded flex classes are excellent value for money.  They are uploaded weekly to the classroom. Watch at your convenience and ask any questions you like.

Copy of 11 Classes £24 (8)

You can message us if you want a particular time for 1:1 classes or if you want to start a flex class.